Tony Terrell By Agent X from Agent X

Tony Terrell By Agent X
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Agent X is an experimental multimedia artist, working at the forefront of contemporary art. His memorable moniker hints at the ungraspable nature of his art, while poignantly alluding to a brutal moment in American history: X signifies the last name commonly given to African American slaves. Working under this pseudonym, the elusive artist strives to honour the victims of this history, seeing himself as "a slave to my art in a twisted way." For 'Tony Terrell', Agent X has created a bright and brilliant mash-up of iconic Pop Art aesthetics and digital collage techniques. In homage to the work of Roy Lichtenstein, Agent X intercuts cartoon imagery with panels of poppy pattern, colour, and texture, to create visual harmony out of haphazard composition. Raw, dynamic, and utterly captivating, 'Tony Terrell' is a fabulous gem of contemporary printmaking.

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