Satellites - A3 By Lucy Bryant from Lucy Bryant

Satellites - A3 By Lucy Bryant
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Lucy Bryant is a contemporary artist and graphic designer, whose work is influenced by Pop art and the Punk music scene. Responding to contemporary culture, Bryant's art subverts the everyday and the banal, always striving to disrupt the ordinary and create something entirely new. Her recent series appropriates the classic, antiquated landscape painting: steering away from the iconic work of the masters, Bryant favours the unloved and the unknown, those over-worked pastiches of a Turner or a Constable, that fill the tables of junk shops. Onto these, Bryant has added anachronistic motifs to create a jarring and unexpected end result. 'Satellites' depicts a troop of Civil War soldiers, returning to a country estate in 1869. Fortunately, an array of satellite dishes have been affixed to the building's facade so that they can watch TOWIE and Eastenders to their hearts content.They may have lost the war, but the battle for the remote has only just begun...

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