Rotunda XL By Gina Soden from Gina Soden

Rotunda XL By Gina Soden
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Gina Soden is a contemporary artist and photographer, whose work documents a reverie of architectural decay. Using the medium of the camera, Soden chart's the slow and entropic passage of time, favouring a lyrical composition that breathes life back into the haunted spaces that time forgot. 'Rotunda XL' depicts the circular, upper story of a grand, Renaissance home. White, Grecian columns support the elegant mezzanine, while a pool of light seeps in from a domed skylight, illuminating time's ravishment, as peeling paint crumbles from the walls and layers of dirt and dust build in the once-lavish interior. Though empty, Soden breathes life into the space, igniting it with the trace of now-absent figures. Profoundly beautiful, Soden's haunting print speaks to our very human fascination with time, its passing, and all things ephemeral.

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