Hitsville London By Keith Haynes from Keith Haynes

Hitsville London By Keith Haynes
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Keith Haynes is a contemporary artist whose work is driven by a passion for music and design. Nostalgic and playful, Haynes has carved out a contemporary Pop Art niche, blending subject and object through his use of culture 'clutter' - button badges, album covers, and vinyl all feature heavily in his original artworks, allowing the lines of distinction to blur. The subject is the object, and vice versa, in Haynes' cleverly meta approach. 'Hitsville London' takes twentieth century 'clutter' to dizzying new heights: a selection of vinyls, each with a London-themed song title, have been arranged into the shape of the capital. Haynes has left each of the records' labels intact, to allow the physical object to become a thing of colourful and shapely beauty. Look closely, and you'll even spot the geographical relevance of each vinyl's positioning, clustered around the bright, blue Thames, as it snakes its iconic way across the dark silhouette. Smart, though provoking, and unapologetically beautiful, 'Hitsville London' turns the past into the future with astonishing prowess.

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