Forgiveness I By Simone Webb from Simone Webb

Forgiveness I By Simone Webb
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Simone Webb is contemporary British artist whose work blends the digital with the painterly, creating images of flowers, suspended in space as they bloom and decay. Recalling the floral compositions of Dutch Renaissance masters, Webb's work offers a contemporary take on the still-life: where the Northern European tradition reflected the growing urbanism of the 1600s, Webb's pieces mirror our increasing shift towards the digital. Three white tulips take centre stage for 'Forgiveness', their soft, closed petals arranged across a creamy background. Hazy paint daubs gesture towards the flowers' state of decay, fading out into their green stems, with a streak of bright blue added for dynamic contrast. Hanging the flora in timeless space, Webb challenges our expectations of creeping entropy, transforming slow decline into an instant of immense beauty.

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