Flamingo Ground By Nolasean from Nolasean

Flamingo Ground By Nolasean
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Nolasean is an independent, creative studio, producing sculpture, and print-based ephemera in limited edition runs. Inspired by the explosive Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s and the playful Pop Art of the 1960s, Nolasean's work sits somewhere at the hinge of these twentieth-century giants - but with a fresh, twenty-first century take, mixing collage with paint, typography with pure abstraction, for a bold, contemporary aesthetic. Set into a perfect disc, 'Flamingo' is a gorgeous mash-up of colour and pattern, all brought together in beautifully balanced bricolage. With its soft-pink flamingo feathers, blossoming out against panels of moss-green and loopy pattern, 'Flamingo' recalls cutting-edge, mid-century collage art, brought up-to-date with digital techniques and a keen eye for contemporary style.

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