A Lot Of Bad Dudes Out There By Oddly Head from Oddly Head

A Lot Of Bad Dudes Out There By Oddly Head
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Oddly Head (moniker of Goldsmiths graduate Tim Fishlock) is an artist and printmaker, creating conceptually provocative artworks. With a bold, graphic edge, Oddly Head's work is suffused with an underlying note of discontent at twenty-first century life: his images depict modernity as brash, colourful, chaotic, and distorted, a dizzying terrain that requires careful navigation at every step. 'A Lot of Bad Dudes Out There' satirises one of Trump's many, breathtakingly absurd 'political' tweets, visually representing the terrifying reality of the President's whims. A snapshot illustration of a finger poised over a button, repeated in a grid-like formation, reminds us that the man who defends his political decisions with such terms as 'bad dudes' also possesses enormous nuclear capability at the simple flick of a switch. Brilliantly satirical, 'A Lot of Bad Dudes Out There' is a shining example of powerful, politically engaged art.

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